Essence Systemology believes in the power of positive human touch, reflexology and the absorptive properties of the feet. Our feet are highly absorbent and therefore make a perfect platform for each of ESO’s synergistic blends to support the systems of the body and boost vitality.

Essence Systemology is the combination of earth, plant and aroma, brought together in synergy to bring vitality to the systems of the body.  Each element is carefully selected for its therapeutic benefit and follows ESO’s three principles of essence.


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Essence of the Earth

The earth provides trace elements that rejuvenate and purify.  They take the form of salts, clays, gemstones, minerals, etc. Himalayan salt and kaolin clay are prime ingredients in the ESO products.






Essence of Plants

Plants provide nourishment. Aloe, coconut, calendula, sustainable soya are but a few of the nourishing plants that are create the ESO products.





Essence of Aroma

Various essential oils derived from aromatic plants help support all systems of the body and mind wellness; for example the skeletal system, the endocrine system and the muscle system.





Each of the balms and spa products to support reflexology are a synergistic blend of these three principles, they offer your clients a modern, luxurious approach to reflexology treatments. The ESO Reflexology Balm is the first of many products that ESO will release over the course of the following months.



'Unlike other reflexology balms which I often find either too greasy or too drying, the ESO reflexology balm’s texture is perfect. It’s silky enough to work on my clients’ feet comfortably, without my hands slipping, and it’s extremely moisturising. I love the fact that all the ingredients are natural too. The ESO balm is an excellent product'. Melanie Allcot, Reflexologist