The ancient art of reflexology is the use of specialised pressure applied to the feet, which help to re balance and revitalise all systems of the body.

This therapy can help reverse stubborn chronic negative patterns within the body to enhance wellbeing

£45.00 60 minutes

Aromatherapy, Reflexology #aromaflex


Your reflexology treatment is enhanced by the addition of essential oils. The feet are a perfect platform to absorb the therapeutic properties of these beautiful aromatic plants, the addition of aromatherapy  creates a unique treatment designed for your emotional and physical needs.

£45.00 60 minutes

#Maternity Conception Reflexology

Maternity & Conception Reflexology

A modified treatment that can be enjoyed before and throughout pregnancy to soothe the mind and body, and continue to help support the body for the birth of your baby and post pregnancy 

'Happy feet, happy body, happy mind, happy baby' 

£45.00 60 minutes

#Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

The hands hold the same reflex points as the feet, by applying specific pressure, reflex points give a relaxing and therapeutic therapy whilst conditioning and softening the skin.

£40.00 45 Minute

Reflexology #babies, #children, #teenagers

Reflex 21

Specifically designed for the younger client.

Great for exam stress, headaches, hormone imbalances, skin conditions, digestion problems and sinus relief.

£25.00 25 minutes

#Hand, #Feet, #Reflexology

Hand and Foot Reflexology

Traditional reflexology is applied to both the hands and feet working to  boost your reflexology treatment

£50.00 75 minutes

Hot Stones Reflexology

A deeply relaxing therapy that combines traditional reflexology with the soothing heat of volcanic hot stones.

The use of applied heat encourages the nervous system to relax and induce relaxation

£55.00 90 Minutes

#HotStone Reflexology
#Spa Reflexology, Foot Scrub, Foot Mask, Massage

Spa Reflexology

Spa Reflexology offers you a luxurious spa ritual utilising water therapy, salt and oil exfoliators, clay hand and foot masks entwined with the ancient art of reflexology

£55.00 90 minutes