ESO's Beginning

Welcome to Essence Systemology! I hope you have been enjoying the ESO website; I am Yvonne Lockhart, the founder of Essence Systemology.

I spent many years working in five star spas which have had a huge impact on my holistic therapies, products and the way that I deliver my courses.


The development of the Essence Systemology product range

I found that every spa I spent time at didn't understand the true importance of reflexology in a spa environment.

Reflexologists were expected to use whatever was around to perform their reflexology instead of a dedicated product. Spa guests were definitely missing out, all treatments were beautifully indulged but not reflexology, and as reflexology is now one of the most requested therapies I wanted this to change.

Having had the chance to work with many well known products I became alarmed at the amount of chemicals that many professional spa products are laden with. As we know the skin has the ability to absorb medication, chemicals and essential oils yet because large companies can create beautiful synthetic perfumes, little thought is given to how much toxic element is being absorbed via the skin. I am a true believer that our skin, bodies and airways deserve to be toxin free and so in 2014 Essence Systemology was born.

The Essence Systemology Reflexology Original Balm started its journey in 2014 and was launched in October 2015.

Essence Systemology evolved from my passion to create an exceptional reflexology product house.  A passion to inspire the professional reflexologist and spa therapist to provide a unique and individual experience for both themselves and their clients.

My vision is to help reflexologists provide luxury spa style treatments with specialised balms and products that will help bring harmony to the body via the feet, ensuring your clients keep coming back for more.

I have been delivering reflexology training for many years and have found the choice of professional balms and spa products created exclusively for reflexology is narrow. With only a few companies dedicated to the professional reflexologist, other options are just generic products to cover the reflexology market.

I personally design, develop and create each product within the ESO range using innovative formulations, with every plant extract sourced and selected to release its therapeutic properties.

I created ESO with a clear mission to give you, the therapist an incredible product range to enhance your client’s experience of the ancient art of reflexology where you can tailor each treatment with luxury modern rituals that nurture and promote vitality. ‘No fuss, no mess and no toxic elements - just vitality in essence’.

Thank you for being part of it.


About ESO

Essence Systemology products have been developed to provide and inspire the professional reflexologist and spa with a unique reflexology product range so clients can experience bespoke modern,  luxurious reflexology rituals.

The feet are highly absorbent and therefore make a perfect platform for each of ESO’s synergistic blends to support the systems of the body and boost vitality.

Each product fully conforms to the European Cosmetics Products Safety Regulations and they are created to the standard of excellence by the Good Manufacturing Practice.

They are not tested on animals.

The reflexology balms and spa products are made in small batches to ensure only the highest quality and they are manufactured in the U.K.


ESO Promise

ESO is driven to provide exceptional reflexology balms and spa products to support reflexology treatments using only natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients. ESO use strong fundamental ethics that go into the conception, design and creation of each product.

  • Each ingredient is carefully selected for its therapeutic properties, its ability to support, nourish, re-mineralise and cleanse.
  • All of ESO’s products are professionally tested and certified in configuration with the European Cosmetics Products Safety Regulations following the Good Manufacturing code of Practice.
  • ESO’s reflexology balms and spa product formulations are free from skin irritants such as petrochemicals, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate and propylene glycol with no synthetic colours, fragrances or preservatives.
  • They are animal and cruelty free.
  • ESO are committed to using packaging and containers that are recyclable to work in harmony with the environment.
  • The aluminium jars are protected with a special lining so no contact is made with the inside ingredients and the jars are fully recyclable (also they make great little pots for home use when empty).
  • ESO believe that simplicity creates beauty…this means; no fuss, no mess, no hidden ingredients - just unique formulations to enhance your client’s experience of reflexology.
  • ESO strive to provide products suitable for all therapists and clients with no exclusions.
  • To ensure quality, all products are expertly hand blended in small batches in the U.K.

Essence Systemology’s future is an exciting footpath where ESO will continue to create innovative, vibrant balms and spa products to support reflexology treatment.