Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

A slow pin pointed pressure and release focused massage concentrating on chronic muscular tension and pain.

Deep Tissue Massage, back massage

Trigger point techniques used throughout this treatment encourages muscle and fascia to relax and stimulates a fresh surge of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area whilst flushing out built up toxins and waste.

If this type of tension is left over many years to accumulate the muscles will become inflamed irritating nerves and joint mobility will be reduced.

It is important to be realistic about DTM as undoing a lifetime of chronic knots and tension is going to be successfully achieved with a programme that involves weekly to monthly DTM, exercise, stretching and work on your posture.

Deep Tissue Massage, back massage

After DTM most people will experience soreness for one or two days a bit like you have had an intense work out, so it is important to drink plenty of water before and after therapy.

The treatment is suited to individuals who are experiencing constant pain, desk jobs or are involved in heavy physical activity (work related or sports).

The treatment with the added benefit of a ‘Muscle Melt’ essential oil blend will leave you feeling relaxed with an increased level of movement and energy.

£50.00 60 minutes